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Who We Are

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We are confident that humanity can transcend its challenges and divisions through heightened personal awareness and inner growth, guided by a profound sense of loving compassion. We wish to be an agent of change by sharing the wisdom of influential thought leaders and spiritual teachers.   Our ultimate vision is to alleviate the conflicts and inequalities that afflict our present society and endanger our imperiled planet. Leveraging the immense potential of contemporary digital and live media platforms, we aspire to nurture transformative actions that foster unity and heal our fragmented world.

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SunSeed Media Group inspires and uplifts individuals through transformative and enlightening media, fostering personal development and a profound connection with our planet and humanity.  Through close collaboration with remarkable thought and religious leaders with diverse viewpoints, we empower our audience to further their transcendent quests.  Our aim is to fortify their role as Earth stewards, awaken their true selves, and deepen their connection with the ONE. Together, we embark on a mission of growth, environmental preservation, and mindfulness to create a sustainable and harmonious future.


Amertat Cohn (Fredrick Cohn), CEO of Ram Films, is an award-winning American filmmaker, spiritual leader, and businessman. 

He began his career in visual media at 15 while in high school. He graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., in 1965, where he made his first film as part of its Film Studies program. 

He entered the Master’s in Film program at UCLA in 1965 but left during the "Summer of Love" to move to San Francisco. There he began a lifelong study of meditation, yoga, mystic arts, Sufism, and the esoteric traditions of the world’s religions, all while working in the top documentary film unit in the USA at KQED, Public Television, where he made numerous movies. His film A.C.T. Now (1968) received a Cine Golden Eagle award for direction. He took on the name Amertat (Farsi for a Zoroastrian archangel) as given to him by his spiritual guide, Pir Vilayat Khan, while making that film. 

He received a Master of Fine Arts from UCLA Film School in1973 for his direction of SunSeed, which had its New York premiere at the Whitney Museum in New York City in the New American Filmmakers series; it became the most viewed film in its history. 

Among  other films he has directed over the years, Elliott Porter’s World (1988) brought him his second Cine Golden Eagle award. 

SunSeed: The Journey was released in 2020, an examination of the impact of SunSeed, featuring narration by Peter Coyote and new interviews with Ram Dass and others. 

Now enjoying the advantages of the digital era, is a growing online community with over 20,000 subscribers, providing sales and rentals of SunSeed: The Journey, a lifestyle online store, and popular WisdomTalks webinars.

Amertat recently began production of SunFlower, a sequel that surveys movements and thought-leaders around the world today.

In other endeavors, in 1998 he founded a successful international distributorship and marketing company for Herbalife Nutrition and is one of its top 50 independent distributors in the world.

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